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The Sportsman - Kent


In a nutshell: one Michelin star pub in Kent with brilliant food

Price: £50pp+

Rating: 5/5

Cuisine: modern British

I would visit the Sportsman everyday if I can, it’s that loveable. One hour drive from London is not far but weekend lunch/dinner would require 6-8 weeks booking in advance so unfortunately it’s difficult to frequent this place. But do make all your effort to come, it’s more than worth it!

The restaurant

It’s a very down to earth pub right next to the sea. Food has two options, full tasting menu which you’ll have to give 2 day notice (just tell them when they call to confirm the booking) or the simple 3 course a la carte written on the blackboard when you walk in. Just like a pub, if a la carte, you order everything at the bar, including drinks. 





The price

We went with a la carte and only got two courses each without desserts, together billed £80 including two glasses of wine. The tasting menu would require 3.5 hour to finish. 

The food

Food was just so loveable, nothing crazy new or weird combinations or bizarre ingredients. Just very honest food, cooked exceptionally well. The poached oysters with caviar was surprisingly fresh without any of the fishy taste. The breads were some of the best I’ve tried, especially the moist soda bread and fragrant rosemary onion bread (we ate the whole board). Mackerel on soda bread was again simple but tingled with all the flavours, sweet soda bread, acidic apple jelly, salty mackerel, which all came together beautifully. Salt baked beetroot and burrata were also perfectly combined. Both mains were just as good, perfectly roasted duck and straightforward pieces of brill with flavoursome vegetables to provide all the depth. Basically, I loved every single dish and adored the Sportsman! Why can’t this just be my local pub!!

Food photos

Bread - rosemary onion, sourdough, soda 


Poached rock oysters, pickled cucumber & avruga caviar - £2.5 each


Smoked mackerel with bramley apply jelly & horseradish on soda bread - £8.95


Salt baked beetroot, burrata & blackberries - £9.95


Roast breast & confit leg of Aylebury duck & spiced roasting juices - £19.95


Braised brill fillet with summer vegetable & mussel pistou - £22.95


Contact Info

The Sportsman

Faversham Road, Seasalter

Whitstable, Kent, CT5 4BP

01227 273370


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