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Bright Courtyard - Baker St


In a nutshell: high quality and reasonable dim sum 

Rating: 4/5

When I heard from Mr.Noodles that Bright Courtyard at Baker Street has great dim sum, I was desperate to try it out. Having tried 13 dishes, I definitely agree that Bright Courtyard’s dim sum is some of the best in London. 

The restaurant

Bright Courtyard is more upper class compared to those restaurants in Chinatown. Elegant white tables, traditional Chinese tea sets and very quiet. There is no need to book even on weekends, it was half empty on Saturday when I went. 


The price

The dim sum were on average £3.40 a plate. Three of us billed £70 so about £23 pp, reasonable. 

The food

The dim sum were great but I didn’t like all the dishes. See below for detailed descriptions. 

Great dishes - must order

Xiao long bao

Very good xiao long bao, good flavour and a lot of juice!


Kai Lan

The best Kai Lan I’ve had in London, mainly because all the skins on the stalks were removed, which really improved the texture. Perfectly seasoned as well. 


Pork puffs

Smaller than the pork puffs I’ve had elsewhere but very good pastry and pork with just enough sweetness. Great proportion of meat and pastry as well. 


Hong Kong style cheung fun

I’ve never tried cheung fun this way, normally I order ones with deep fried dough or pork filling. These were surprisingly delicious, good slippery texture topped with playfully coloured peanut and sweet sauce. 


Good dishes - same flavour to other great dim sum places

The dishes below were good too, but similar flavour to other great dim sum places in London. The egg custard buns had good filling but the bun could’ve been fluffier. 

Chicken feet


Sticky rice lotus wrap and egg custard buns


Taro croquettes 


Deep fried shredded turnip cake


Soso dishes - nothing special in terms of flavour

I wasn’t a huge fan of their dumplings and shu mai, it needed more flavour. For dumplings, I think Yauatcha still has the best but pricer. The pan fried turnip cake was poor, the texture was too sticky and no meat inside. 


Contact Info

Tube: Baker Street

37 - 67 Baker Street

London, W1U 7EU

020 7486 6998


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