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Kai - Mayfair

In a nutshell: upscale Chinese dining in Mayfair, highly recommend their wasabi prawn! Worth going if you have money to spare.

Rating: 4/5

Normally I dislike upscale Chinese restaurants, especially one with a Michelin star and situated in the expensive Mayfair area. But I really enjoyed the food at Kai, which included a fusion of clever Oriental dishes.


The restaurant

Not many tables in the elegant and simple dining room, mostly occupied by the Mayfair locals. You can dress up or go casual, both would suit. It’s a fairly quiet restaurant and easy to book. 


The food and price

More modern Oriental than classic Chinese. Most of the dishes were modern, apart from the classic Peking duck. See full menu here. Out of the dishes I tried, the wasabi prawn (£17) was the best, sweet juice with a soft to melt shell and the wasabi flavour was pleasantly mild. The 5 hour Oriental spiced pork belly (£16) was disappointing, more chewy than expected. Lightly seared sirloin (£16) was perfectly seasoned with a herb dressing. The roasted sea bass (£34) was ok, not particularly memorable. 

The combination of one Michelin star and its Mayfair location guaranteed high prices. Two of us paid £120 (with some sides and one dessert) without any wine. 

Food Photos

Wasabi Prawn - £17


Lightly seared sirloin - £16


Roasted Chilean seabass - £34


5 hour Oriental spiced pork belly - £16


Contact Info

65 South Audley Street

London, W1K 2QU

020 74938988


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