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Rules - Oldest Restaurant in London


In a nutshell: the oldest restaurant in London with excellent British food

Rating: 4/5

If money is not an issue, make a trip to Rules, the oldest restaurant in London. In fact it’s the perfect place to take a friend who’s visiting London. Every detail of this historic restaurant shouts British, the gentlemen service, the old fashioned decorations, the red velvety colour and the classic British food. Open since 1798, now for over 200 years it’s served the best game in the country, all sourced from their own estates.

The restaurant

Like a little museum, every detail of Rules deserves special attention. The beautiful dining room is elegant, spacious and very old fashioned. Service is one of a kind, tea poured, wine tasted and staff dressed in black waistcoats with very British manners and happy smiles. The guests range from celebrities to tourists but the most friendly kind. Those sitting next to us even started a conversation on all the special dinners they’ve had since their first visits to Rules. Like I said, it’s the perfect place to take a friend who’s visiting London. You get the elegant service, the classic British food and the British history all in one. 




Game is clearly the focus when in season, but other dishes are just as good. Our starter of crab salad was moist, rich with cream yet well balanced with light lentils. The breast of duck was less successful with a chewy texture but the overall flavour was good. The spotlight was all on the braised feather blade of beef served with fatty bone marrow. Beautifully cooked to as tender as meat can get. We didn’t get desserts but the classics were all there, sticky toffee pudding, apple crumble with custard or for kids, the honeycomb candy ice cream. See full menu here.

The damage

I did say from the start, go to Rules if you have the money. Two of us billed £114, with only 1 glass of wine, no desserts and a shared starter. Not even 3 course each!

The Photos

Starter: Dorset crab salad with monk’s beard and mimosa dressing - £16.95


Breast of duck with beetroot and 
rhubarb - £26.95


Braised feather blade of beef with bone marrow and parsley mash - £24.95



Contact Info

Tube: Covent Garden

35 Maiden Ln, London


020 7836 5314


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