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La Fromagerie - Cheese Shop and Tasting

La Fromagerie is one of the best cheese shops in London. If you google ‘best cheese shop’, it’s on all the top 5 listings. There are two in London, one at Highbury and another just off Marylebone High Street. Their cheese room deserves a thorough study on its own with so many varieties. You can try a selection of seasonal, French, Italian or British cheeseboards at their ‘Tasting Cafe’, which also serves freshly made quiche and salads. Weekends can get very busy, we spent a good 20 minutes queueing for a seat at the communal table. You can use the time to wonder around the small shop for homemade sauces, jams and seasonal fruits and vegetables. On Sunday (10am - 2pm), you can also go to the nearby farmers’ market for local produce.


The Shop





The Tasting Cafe


Italian cheeseboard - £8.75

Bocconcini Di Capra, Piedmont, goat

Fiore Delle Langhe, Piedmont, mixed milk

Sottocenere Al Tartufo, Treviso, cow

Pecorino Saraceno with Peperonocino, Sardinia, ewe

Gratin Bleu, Biella, Upper Elvo Valley, Piedmont, cow


French cheeseboard - £8.75

Valencay, goat

Fougeru, Ile De France

Cantal Lagiole, Auvergne, cow

Crayeux De Roncq, Pas de Calais

Bleu D’Auvergne, Auvergne 


Verdict - 4/5

I loved the cheeseboards here and their oat biscuits. After sampling a few cheeses, we bought lots to take home. Wines were also perfectly paired with the boards. I’d definitely come back for more cheese! The salads and soups other people were having also looked delicious and healthy!

Contact Info

Marylebone Shop

Tube: Bond Street

2-6 Moxon Street

Marylebone, London

W1U 4EW, 020 7935 0341


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