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The Modern Pantry - Sunday Brunch

Sunday is the most relaxing time of the week, we can get up late for a peaceful brunch or go for a complete set of roast. On bright days when the sun is at least half visible, I love spending time at the Modern Pantry. The Georgian townhouse at Clerkenwell has tons of natural lighting shining on white tables spread across 3 floors. In summer, outside seating overlooks the square with lovely sunshine. There is a mixed sense of modern and home here, stairs squeak as you walk up but the relaxed layout and warm colours set a comfortable living room scene that you just want to stay and chat without ever looking at the time.


For Sunday brunch, the menu is one of the healthiest in London with modern takes on traditional breakfast. Compared to traditional English breakfast that’s dense and heavy with oil, the plate here is complete with pan-fried haloumi with slow roasted tomatoes and your choice of poached, scrambled or fried eggs. Lovely change to get away from massive dollops of hollandaise sauce! Other combos include bacon and grilled chorizo (see the full Sunday brunch menu here). Next table’s pancake stack looked unbelievably tempting with cream sliding down the pancakes and juicy apricots and raspberries on top. Have to come back to try it next time! If you are feeling for something healthier, there is a good selection of pastries as well as fruity yogurt/muesli on offer. 

2 poached eggs, sourdough toast, slow roasted tomatoes, spinach and pan-fried haloumi


Toasted sourdough with crunchy edges, sweet tomatoes, a healthy dose of spinach and delicious haloumi, just the perfect plate of Sunday brunch!

Verdict - 4/5

Food (loved it) - I really loved the food here and can’t wait to come back to try pancakes and dinner. It’s modern take on traditional dishes while keeping it light and healthy.

Service (busy) - Love the townhouse with perfect natural light, warm deco and good service. It can get really busy here so make sure to book!

Cost (£17pp) - we both ordered the same brunch dish so only posted one photo up, two of us billed £30ish including some coffee and tea. Will have to come back for dinner to see how reasonable the prices are. 

Contact Info

Tube: Farringdon

48 St. John’s Square, Clerkenwell  

London EC1V 4JJ

 020 7553 9210


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