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Burger & Lobster - Soho

Last year, the queue for Burger & Lobster would’ve been an easy 3 hour wait. Now, 3 restaurants later, I finally walked into the Soho restaurant without any form of queue (tho I did go on Friday lunchtime). The strong selling point of only having 3 items on the menu has proved its unique market, serving whole lobster, lobster roll or beef burger. All priced at £20 each (must be easy to split the bill..).

Most people at the restaurant were eating the whole lobster while wearing cute bibs marked with the restaurant logo. Only a few (almost none) were having the beef burger, which did look the least attractive compared to the boiling red lobsters. 

The lobster roll is essentially the lobster without shell, stuffed into a brioche like bread, toasted with a strong buttery taste. Weirdly, the lobster was served cold, giving a confusing contrast of cold and hot sensations with the hot roll. Combining the buttery taste with more sweetness from the mayo mixed lobster, the roll was really sweet and just on the borderline of still tasting fresh (the cool temp helped). It’s definitely a very unique flavour, not something we encounter everyday. The £20 also includes chips and salad. 

If you haven’t tried Burger & Lobster yet, now is a good time to go since the queue has disappeared and you have the option to go either, Farringdon, Green Park or Soho. 

Contact Info

36 Dean street, Soho


0207 432 4800


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