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Elliot’s - Borough Market

I’m not a huge burger fan, but once in a blue moon I’d get a sudden craving. This time was mostly triggered by the cheese dripping burger photos uploaded by burger fans. No doubt that London has become really American in the past year with hot dogs, burgers and lobster rolls making headlines. Elliot’s at Borough Market has received rave reviews since the opening last year, Burgerac gave it 5/5, Timeout 4/5 and some Twitter fans named it the go to place for best cheeseburger. 


Deco wise, Elliot’s is not a particular comfortable place with drafts coming from multiple directions, making it difficult to stay in autumn/winter. The style is minimal, like a warehouse converted cafe with brick walls and wooden tables. It’s better in summer with a few tables outside overlooking the busy Borough Market.

Matching the minimal deco, the menu was equally stripped down with only a few options to pick from. The only burger here is the cheese burger, served at lunch time only from Monday to Friday. Yes, not even on weekends. Not a deal breaker because the chicken leg we ordered was perfectly tender, not slightly overshadowed by the burger. Next table’s mussels also looked great and judging from their satisfying expressions, it must’ve been good. 


Besides the draft issue, the main problem is service can be really slow. If you don’t order any starters or nibbles, the mains can take a while to get here. When it’s cold, the waiting time seemed longer than usual. 




I’m not a burger expert to judge whether this was the best in London (heard Honest Burger is tho). The bun was baked in house, soft and mildy sweet with the perfect texture. The beef patty was on the rare side, perhaps a mixture of different cuts to give that extra tender yet fatty flavour. 


The disc chips were slightly disappointing, nothing special. 

Chicken leg


Compared to my cheese dripping burger, this certainly was the healthier alternative. Tender chicken leg with some veg to balance. The flavour was great and the chicken was really tender, perhaps tossed in corn flour or egg.

Verdict - 3/5

Food (very good) - The cheese burger and chicken leg were both really good, faultless. The disc chips were average. The cheese burger was good but quite greasy to eat, it took a while to digest but I guess that’s the joy of these things. I still prefer the mini Iberico pork burger at Opera Tavern, less cheese, more balanced flavour and still addictively fatty. 

Service (slow) - It’s better to visit this place in summer because the room is quite drafty. Dishes can take a while to arrive so better to order some nibbles or starters. Remember the burger is only available at lunch time, Monday to Friday!

Cost (£15) - we only had one main each without starters or desserts. Here is the breakdown. 


Contact Info

12 Stoney St, Borough Market, SE1 9AD



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