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Outlaw’s seafood & grill at Capital Hotel

Outlaw’s Seafood & Grill opened two days ago to replace the previously Michelin starred restaurant at the Capital hotel. Nathan Outlaw’s renowned seafood restaurant in Cornwall is known for locally caught seafood, cooked at two Michelin star quality. The idea is to bring this to London in a casual manner as opposed to fine dining. Only two days old, the restaurant is already busy with guests from both the hotel and those who sought after Nathan’s cooking. 


It’s interesting to see how well the new restaurant compares to the closeby One-O-One, which is still the best seafood restaurant I’ve tried in London. Though the latter is more fine dining than casual. In terms of the deco, Outlaw’s Seafood wins too easy with a cosy yet somewhat formal setting, dimmed lights and mellow chandeliers. One-O-One has an unease layout even after you enter the prison looking Sheraton hotel. It’s a shame because the food is amazing.

The menu at Outlaw’s is full of classics and not a single tasting menu at sight. Like crab on toast, grilled dover sole and whole Cornish lobster with orange and rosemary butter. Starters are about £10 and mains start from £20. Compared to One-O-One, these classics weren’t memorable enough and some dishes could be improved on flavour. It’s easier to write this post if the menu had a wow dish, like One-O-One's crab legs and salt baked seabass. 


Smoked haddock fishcakes


Delicious little bites that were still hot, but the smoked haddock fishcakes were slightly salty.

Beer bread and Cornish bread


Red Gurnard soup with orange and basil


A very light flavoured soup but nothing too memorable.

Crab on toast, curry, fennel and apple


The apple dices really enhanced the crab flavours, which were really mild because of the mixed in sauce.  

Hot Shellfish with Lemon and Herb Dressing  - Scampi, Queenie Scallops, Mussels, Clams, Crispy Oysters and Baked Crab


This dish looked amazing from the menu description with so many delicious seafoods on one plate. The mussels were fresh, tender and delicious. The deep fried oysters were excellent too. But the baked crab and Queenie scallops were both disappointing, unsure about the texture and the overwhelming flavour.

Whole lobster, orange and rosemary butter


The orange and rosemary butter was really tasty with the lobster. 

Treacle tart with clotted cream


The treacle tart was made to order so we had to order with the starters and mains. The flavour was spot on and lovely hot. 

Earl Grey truffles


These Earl Grey truffles were my favourites of the whole meal, still chilled with a caramelised espresso flavour. Really wished I could bring some home. 

The bill


Verdict - 3/5

Food (not memorable) - the restaurant specialises in seafood classics, the crab on toast and whole lobster were both good. Desserts were perfect, especially those little Earl Grey truffles. While some dishes could be improved, the menu lack a wow dish that’s distinctively memorable. The nearby One-O-One is still my favourite seafood restaurant in London. 

Service (2 days in) - service was good but some things were slow, our water didn’t arrive till later and we were asked to order desserts when the treacle tart was already ordered with starters, which then came late anyway. But two days in, these things are easy to solve and I’m sure the restaurant will tune into shape very soon. 

Cost (£93pp) - we also ordered a half bottle of wine at £51. 

Contact Info

Tube: Knightsbridge

22 Basil Street, London


020 7591 1202 


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