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Kensington Place - simple fish place

Kensington Place stands for everything that’s local, simple and relaxing. First established in 1987, this Nottinghill Gate local restaurant serves fresh seafood in the most relaxing environment that closely resembles a living room. The classic menu stays but the list of today’s market fish changes everyday depending on availability. You can even buy fresh seafood at the next door fish shop to cook at home. If you have time, go there during the day as the restaurant has perfect nature lighting and very colourful furnitures. 


Even on a Saturday afternoon, the restaurant wasn’t busy, perhaps most people get up much later. The crowd were mostly locals, having lunch with parents etc. The deco  reminds me of a family run hotel lobby, especially when one of the large tables have a Monopoly board in the center, a large bowl of lemons and a wall of magazines. Even the chairs were all shaped differently, some with green cushions, some with wooden cross patch patterns back, very designed yet still comfortable. 


The simple menu allows you to mix and match, whether just for a large cold seafood platter or today’s market fish. No need to stick with the standard 3 course. Doesn’t that platter in the photo below look amazing? Regretting that I didn’t try it!


The menu


Fillet of seabass with samphire, peas and broad beans


Perfectly cooked seabass with a really crispy skin. The pea mash was good too, mildly sweet and still with chunky bits. 

The day’s market fish


Roasted hereford of beef, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and horseradish


Even the roasted beef was really good!

Rhubarb and apricot crumble


The crumble was really good but the base was too acidic, like it was made with lemon juice. The ice cream was also a bit heavy and too sweet. 

Raspberry tart


Verdict - 3/5

Food (decent) - the food here is not the exciting kind but one that you can walkin whenever and enjoy great seafood. None of the dishes had any fault, simply classic and good flavour. 

Service (chilled) - it’s a chilled and relaxing place that’s full of nature lighting and Nottinghill Gate locals. The staff are always nice and attentive.

Cost (£30pp) - we didn’t order any drinks apart from water. If you get starter, it’d be more expensive than £30pp - Nottinghill Gate prices I’m afraid. 

Contact Info

201 Kensington Church St
London W8 7LX
020 7727 3184


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