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Bill’s - Rise and Shine at Soho

Soho has become rather American in recent months. Burgers are served from everywhere while new ones open on a weekly basis. I admit, the pictures just surfaced from Honest Burger does look irresistible with the melted cheese dripping over the 35 day dry-aged Ginger Pig steak. Among this heated burger buzz, Bill’s seem almost too simple to succeed. It serves an all day, unpretentious British menu in a garden/greengrocer setting and possibly the best breakfast in London. The first cafe in 2001 did sell mid range grocers but Soho’s high rent may have discouraged it. Considering the constant queue for weekend breakfast at the Covent Garden restaurant, it’s a wise idea to free up more space for tables and open another cafe at Piccadilly to ease the queue.  


The new Piccadilly cafe is much nicer with more tables and a more refined setting. Dried chilli were hanging from the ceiling, cutleries were placed in an empty cooking oil can to take when you need. Strangely, it was dominated by a female crowd, perhaps going for a healthier alternative to burgers. 

The breakfast menu last till 1pm on weekends, serving classics like scrambled egg with bacon / salmon, eggs benedict with gooey yolks, sweet French toast with banana and toasted walnut yoghurt or go for the complete English with bubble and squeak. Prices are reasonable, ranging from £5.75 to £7.95. If it were close to my house, I’d probably camp there most mornings.



Scrambled eggs with salmon on toast - £7.50


Scrambled eggs with bacon on toast - £6.85


Eggs benedict - £6.95


Some tea


Verdict - 3/5

Food (comfort classics) - The breakfast at Bill’s has been my all time favourite, simple and classic food served in the most comfortable and homey setting. I tend to order different dishes each time as they are all very good rather than one in particular. 

Service (all day) - the all day service was kept energetic, friendly and fast. For weekend breakfast, you can book before 11.30am but the cafe operates a walk in policy after that. 

Cost (£12pp) - as well as the dishes above, we also ordered some coffee, tea and fresh juice, all for about £45. Very reasonable for central London. 

Contact info

There are many locations, but this one was the new Piccadilly cafe. 

36-44 Brewer Street

London W1F 9TB

020 7287 8712


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