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Inaho - local Japanese disappoints

Harden’s 5/5 rating to Inaho was the sole reason that pulled me into its doors. Apparently it’s the “best Japanese restaurant on the planet” with outstanding sushi. The tiny place at the heart of Nottinghill Gate had only 7 tables or so. Filled with locals who knew the restaurant so well, they just walk in and find the table without guidance. 30 minutes into service, either I missed the point completely or the chef has moved on. At best, it’s a Ten Ten Tei with traditional dishes, but much less options and a more expensive price tag. I’d return as it’s a local restaurant but it’s not one worth the trek.



In terms of sushi, the menu lacked any big hitters, such as tuna belly, sea urchin or red snapper. Locals seem to stick with salmon and tuna sashimi, which was clearly a better choice. 

Sushi platter

sushi platter


Each piece was disappointing. The sushi rice lacked seasoning and wasn’t sticky enough. Fish quality was another issue, as you can see from the photo, they didn’t show any vibrate fresh colours and were rather dull. The tamago could’ve been a dessert, full of sugar, very spongy with no egg flavour whatsoever. 



Nasu dengaku


Nasu dengaku was decent but it’s one of those fail proof dishes that only require some deep fry and miso sauce.

Agedashi tofu


Verdict - 1/5

Food (average) - not a restaurant to come back again for its flavour, maybe for convenience if you live locally. Sushi was a weak point with rice that lack seasoning and very dull sashimi. Other tables were mostly ordering deep fry dishes and salmon sashimi. 

Service (tiny) - the restaurant is really small, barely 7 tables or so and tend to be fully booked from 7pm. 

Cost (£22pp) - not as tasty or cheap as Ten Ten Tei, but £22pp is probably cheap in Nottinghill Gate standards. 

Contact Info

4 Hereford Road  London

W2 4AA

020 7221 8495

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