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St John Hotel - Breakfast

I can’t pinpoint my feelings on St John hotel. Lets start with the location, ideal if you are a tourist. Within the Chinatown radius means all the sightseeing places are a mere 10 minute walk away. On the downside, would you really stay a night in Chinatown? To be surrounded by the construction sites, tourists and the Chinatown smell? However, once you walk in, it’s a whole new world and a humble one. Mirroring the St John restaurant deco, there were white walls, white table clothes, just simplicity at its best. 


St John restaurant (the one at Farringdon)’s nose-to-tail eating concept is one of the best in the world. The signature dish of roasted bone marrow and parsley salad hears recommendations on a daily basis. The owners opened St John hotel last year and have received mixed reviews so far.

I went to St John Hotel for the breakfast, where the menu saw traditional blood sausages and beans, and grilled kippers. If you love your breakfast sweet, try the buttermilk pancakes or St John’s signature, freshly baked madeleines with hot chocolate. 

Normally, I love to sit next to the window. But in this case, you’d get the view below next to all the delicious breakfast.  


Blood sausage & Beans


I haven’t had many blood sausages previously to judge whether this was amazing. It had a dry texture with crispy edges all the way through, not a strong flavour but good enough to finish. The beans felt fresh because for the first time it’s not overwhelmed or submerged in tomato sauce. 

Buttermilk pancakes with rhubarb


My friend said the pancakes were good but the rhubarbs were even better. 


Verdict - 3/5

Food (decent) - as breakfast goes, it was pretty spot on. The menu included the classics as well as St John signatures of freshly baked madeleines and hot chocolate. Next table ordered bacon sandwiches, which had beautifully grilled markings on the chunky and thick homemade bread. Might’ve regretted the decision to order baked beans..

Service (quiet) - breakfast is served from 8am to 10.30am. The ground floor restaurant was quiet with only a few tables full. Maybe it’s too early for breakfast on a Sunday morning, a brunch option would be attractive. No need to book. 

Cost (£28) - two of us billed £28, including some coffee and juice. 

Contact Info

1 Leicester St,London

WC2H 7BL, 020 3301 8020


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