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Tina We Salute You - Dalston coffee

In the Dalston neighbourhood, there are no tourists, loud ambulance noises or excessive fumes from the double decker bus. Instead, it’s a quiet, suburban like area where Tina We Salute You provides the perfect coffee and breakfast. Inside, people sat casually at each corner minding their own business, from reading a book, catching up with friends to sorting their documents for work. Taking a place at the communal table felt strangely intruding, like I walked into someone’s house and made myself a cup of coffee. It’s thoroughly a neighbourhood cafe. 

Tina We Salute You started from a cupcake stall at Brick Lane and quickly turned into the best coffee at Dalson. It’s followers have scribbled their support across the whitewalls, which made a pretty art graffiti display. This petite coffee shop also exhibits talented local artists with a rotation every 8 weeks. For our visit, paper cut birds were hanging from the ceiling, giving a light design feel to the compact space. 

A good list of breakfast options were written on the blackboard, the breakfast trifle and cinnamon toast both looked amazing. 

Flat white

They don’t call this place the best coffee in Dalson for nothing. Our flat white was indeed very good. 


Tina We Salute You is a wonderful coffee place at Dalson, worth the trip if you are around the area. It also has excellent breakfast options to choose from, and I’ll definitely come back to try the cinnamon toast!

Contact Info

47 King Henry’s Walk, Islington

N1 4NH, 020 3119 0047 


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