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Hawksmoor - best British steak

Before this day, I always thought the best burger is still a burger, the best hot dog is still a hot dog and the best steak is still a piece of meat. With all the burgers talks lately, I felt reluctant to join the constant burger chase as the talks of buns and patty failed to interest me. Little did I know what a top steak meant and little did I know how good London is for steak. I’ve heard of Hawksmoor long before writing this blog, mostly around how it’s the best steak in London and meat lover’s heaven. All the meat comes from Ginger Pig (the best British butcher), dry aged for at least 35 days and cooked simply on a charcoal grill. 


The restaurant was packed with city bankers (the Spitalfields one) in their expensive suits, chatting away business progress as early as 6.30pm.


We sat close to the daily’s board, which listed all the best cuts available in their mighty sizes of 700g and above, including the bone-in prime rib, t-bone, porterhouse and chateaubriand. When a customer orders a 800g porterhouse, it’d be scratched off the board. Yes, there was a rush to order as soon as possible, especially when someone else snatched the 800g bone-in prime rib before us!


30 mins later, our giant 800g steaks arrived in their glorious pink colour, simply beyond perfection. Like all things that are similar, you’d spot the difference when trying one cut after the other.




Porterhouse, often called the best cut for steak is a t-bone with half tenderloin and half top loin which means you’d get two steaks in one. It was beautifully sliced to show its perfected medium rare and each piece was out of this world tender and succulent, simply the best meat you’ll find anywhere. Who needs imported waygu beef when British ones can be just as good!



The t-bone was much stronger in flavour but less tender in texture. Both were amazing steaks, just up to your preference.

These steaks were so good, we found ourselves sighing what an amazing life we have. Sadly, this inevitably raised the bar for all future steaks and the ones I’ve had before suddenly seemed like dried up straws with all the juice and tenderness drained.

some bread and chips



Overall - 5/5

Food (blown away) -definitely the best steak I’ve had anywhere. The tenderness, juiciness and the rich flavour is still swirling in my mind, one that’s not going to leave or fade anytime soon. I came back for Sunday roast and was equally amazing! 

Service (good) - very chilled service, like what you’d get in a bar. Everything arrived on the perfect time.

Cost (£70) - we had our eyes on the t-bones which were massive steaks with a minimum size of 700g. Each piece of prime meat was billed by 100g with the chateaubriand topping the chart at £12 per 100g. Three of us spent £212, including £47 on drinks. 

Contact Info

157 Commercial Street, London

E1 6BJ, 020 7426 4850


They have two other restaurants at Seven Dials and Guildhall

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