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Nahm - Authentically Spicy & Sour

Important: Nahm has closed 

Being a newbie in the food blogger community means there are lots of catch up to do. Those restaurants already established and those opened recently with a world of praise. I stumbled on Nahm during my ‘best Thai restaurant’ research and a few critics / food bloggers seemed to have been impressed by its authenticity. How will it match against the delicious Sukho, Patara and Blue Elephant? I was eager to try and compare! 


Compared to the traditional yet tropical deco at the Blue Elephant, Nahm adopted a clean and minimalistic approach, possibly inspired by the trendy Halkin hotel. Whether you are here for lunch or dinner, their menu is very clean too. Instead of browsing pages and pages of confusing Thai dishes, Nahm’s two-pager menu was clearly divided into a la carte and a ‘Nahm Arharn’ set menu. The latter has to be adopted by all parties of the table, but you’ll get to pick one course per three options to piece together your own set menu. Don’t worry, there are lots of delicious dishes to choose from and the generous portion sizes will guarantee you with a full and happy stomach!

Appertiser: prawn, palm sugar and orange


A surprisingly likeable texture. Breaking through the coarse and sticky palm sugar to a world of sweet and juicy orange. Deliciously fresh yet so simple! I couldn’t taste much of the prawns though. 

Langoustine salad with rambutons, lemongrass and toasted coconut


This salad was so delicious. I could taste a wide range of vegetables and spices, stronger ones were lemon and coriander. A generous amount of langoustines buried underneath that bush of corianders. It was tender, well seasoned and packed with sour yet sweet soy flavours. If all salads can be like this, more people would be willing to diet!

Green curry of crispy wild sea bass with wild ginger, white turmeric and thai basil


This curry was spicier than most Thai restaurants in London, perhaps how spicy a Thai curry is suppose to be. I had to reach for my tissues several times before finishing all the curry with two bowls of rice! It had a great after feeling, that near burning sensation in my stomach, feeling full but somehow craving for spicier dishes.

Hot and sour soup with mussels, turmeric and coriander


This soup was the sourest soup I’ve ever had, like eating raw lemons. Initially I didn’t like the bombing flavours that overpowered my palate, but eating it between the green curry somehow worked. The intense sour flavours broke through that spiciness to give a settle padding.  

Stir fried squid with its ink and sugar snap peas


Doesn’t this look delicious and so picturesque? Initially, I didn’t want to have black gothic lips, but when this came to our table I knew it was too good to pass on. The squid was cooked well with that bouncy yet light sticky texture. Compared to this pitch black picture, the squid ink was surprisingly light and mildly palatable.

Coconut and taro pudding with jackfruit seeds


I love asian desserts and knowing Thai food, something with coconut was bound to come up and what a delicious dessert this was. The coconut pudding was moist, almost runny with a wobbly texture. The deep fried taro looked like a mess but was playful to eat while fulfilling my sweet tooth. I’ve not had jackfruit seeds before, which tasted like a sweet version of ginkgo seeds but with a lighter and juicer texture. The perfect tropical dessert to conclude our strong flavoured meal at Nahm. See picture below for Jackfruit.  


Overall, Nahm was authentic, delicious and spicy enough to make me sniffle . Best Thai in London wise, I’m not so sure as Patara, Blue Elephant and Sukho are also good. Nahm focuses more on spicy and sour flavours and if you order these on the menu, you’ll get beyond what you asked for. If you don’t like strong flavours, try not to order any dish with these mission statements. Our lunch came to £94 with the set menu priced at £30 each. The dinner menu doesn’t seem to differ too much from lunch but it’s more expensive. I’d definitely come back soon and try out more spicy dishes with my large pack of tissue!

I went back to Nahm on 25/08/2012, see here for revisit photos

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