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One-O-One Hidden Knightsbridge Gem

Do you love seafood and want to find the best one in London? Sheraton hotel’s One-O-One is the ONE. No matter which dish you pick, be ready to be blown away by the mouthwatering yet beautifully dressed seafoods. It’s excellent for value too! A five course lunch will only cost you £32 and most of time you won’t even need to book. Simply show up and be amazed! I kicked myself for not visiting this dream package sooner, which I blamed on the prison looking Sheraton hotel. It has been pushing people to the nearby Mandarin Oriental and Berkeley hotel. Don’t let the Sheraton hotel scare you, the food here can match any Michelin starred restaurant. 


Stepping into One-O-One, a spacious and modern restaurant that has zero resemblance to the worn out prison looking Sheraton hotel. Not a large space, possibly 15 tables or so but it was bright and full of energy. This Knightsbridge hidden gem had been masked away by overcrowded publicity for Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Such a shame because not only was it cheaper, the food could easily compete with any Michelin starred restaurant too! 

Getting through the menu can be a mind puzzle, especially every dish looked irresistible. We discretely spied on our neighbouring tables to get a rough idea but it only made us want to order everything! I was also impressed by the food styling here, every dish was packed with vibrant colours and picturesque. 


My dinner partner gave up after 10 minutes and chose the lunch set menu, which she picked five courses to exclude the sixth cheese platter. I panic ordered three courses from the a la carte menu, which was more expensive but equally tasty.  

My three course a la carte

Hand dived Scottish scallop with onsen quail eggs, truffle potato mousseine and jus gras, crispy pork belly - £22.00


The first time I tried this genius combination of scallop and pork belly was at the equally genius Lumiere. One-O-One had taken a step further to include a quail egg with a silky smooth yolk. Not only did this add a creamy consistency between the pork belly and scallops, it also contrasted the flavours from the fragrant truffles and the thick jus gras. It’s weird to imagine pork belly as a good complement to the clean and fresh scallops, but that greasiness worked surprisingly well, like coating the scallops with an intensely rich meat sauce. 

Pan seared line caught yellow fin tuna with foie gras, fondant potato, green asparagus with parmesan - £29.00


This dish was beautifully plated with the bright green asparagus, the yin yang shaped sauce and the towered potatoes. I’ve only had beef with foie gras before, although delicious it was also quite dense to eat. Imagine beef and foie gras trying to compete on who has a stronger flavour. Using tuna solved this problem so easily as tuna was more settle and refreshing to allow that fattiness from the foie gras to really shine through. The other winner on this plate was the towered potatoes. The trio was cooked perfectly with a tougher edge but a soft and moist core. Another memorable dish!

Warm chocolate fondant with grapefruit sorbet - £9.50


After my main course I secretly expected the dessert would be equally good. Turns out, the dessert was good, but just not mind blowingly good like the Ledbury. The warm fondant was freshly baked with a smooth and rich chocolate sauce inside. It was too dense in texture and eating it with icey sorbet didn’t balance the texture well enough. It was a good dessert, but our expectations were over the roof at this point!

My dinner partner’s five course set lunch menu - £32.00

Norwegian red king crab salad with celeriac remoulade, granny smith apple jelly and sorbet, walnut, pommery mustard


This dish was beautifully plated like an art masterpiece. Every element was placed with Heston Blumenthal’s level of precision and passion. The apple sorbet was refreshing with added flavouring from the piece of cooked apple underneath. The crab samosa was served warm with a crispy skin. Slicing it open couldn’t be easier to revealed that juicy and tender crab. Salad was good too! Just the right amount of seasoning to retain the fresh and crunchy salad essence. What a brilliant dish! It’s beautiful, tasty and blew us away!

Pan-fried foie gras with chestnut cappuccino soup, salsifi and baby spinach


The chestnut soup was the highlight, creamy and intensely rich in chestnut flavours. I can’t begin to think how many chestnuts were used for this one cup soup! The foie gras was just the perfect size to leave my palate sizzling for more. 

Tiger prawns, seafood saffron paella, chorizo sausage, mussels, squid and chicken brochette


It was brilliant to have paella outside Spanish restaurants. Why wouldn’t you serve paella in seafood restaurants?? It’s hearty, easy to eat and perfect for the always weather miserable London. Instead of submerging varies seafoods under the overwhelming paella sauce, this dish focused on bringing out each seafood’s unique characteristics and only a small amount of paella was used to bind these distinct flavours together. The fragrant prawns had a touch of smokiness, the scallop was touched by chorizo flavours, all balanced by the paella rice to create a settle yet Spanish flavoured sea. 

Royal sea bream fillet roasted with olive tapenade, crushed butter beans, poivrade artichokes, samphire and cockles, barigoule sauce


This was one of the most tender fish I’ve ever had. You can still see the lovely pink colour from this picture. After three unique courses, I was aback by how easy it was to finish this dish. Although the sauce was heavier than the previous three, the sea bream was unbelievably fresh and tender, I wish it came in wild seabass size!

Manjari chocolate & passion fruit souffle


This soufflé had a good texture, light and fluffy. But the true hero was the passionfruit sorbet, which retained all the fresh and citrusy flavours.  

Petite Fours


Stepping outside the prison looking Sheraton hotel, One-O-One was simply my favourite seafood restaurant in London. It was in every way better than Scott or J Sheeky. If I were writing my top ten list, I’d include it in my top three. Every plate was beautifully composed with each core ingredient elegantly dressed. Beyond that elegant dress up, the flavours were solid too! The crab was perfectly cooked in various ways, the jus gras was reduced to the perfect consistency and that yellow fin tuna resembled more of red meat texture than I’ve ever come across. If there is one thing to improve, it’d be the dessert. They were good, but just didn’t blow our socks off compared to the main courses.

It’s rare to find a restaurant that’d impress you with every single course without fail and One-O-One achieved this so effortlessly. What’s even better is you won’t need to book months in advance, most of the weekdays you won’t need booking at all. The best time to come is during lunchtime where a six course menu will only cost you £37. Our lunch came to £113.50 with the majority from my three course a la carte. Service can be a bit slow so make sure to order some wine. I promise you the food here is definitely worth the wait! Next time, I want to try the signature crab legs and the whole wild seabass baked in sea salt. Can’t wait!!!!

I went back to One-O-One again, see revisit post for more photos. 

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