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Terre a Terre

The Brighton based vegetarian restaurant, Terre a Terre, has been one of the best restaurants in Brighton for some time. It hosts a heap of innovative vegetarian dishes as well as selling sauces, snacks and mouthwatering cook books. It is open all day from noon for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The dishes are always beautifully plated with fresh vegetables cooked with Indian, Japanese and Chinese influences, see a picture below from its cookbook. 


The restaurant had a classic deco with bright purple wallpapers that lit up the space.


Terre a Terre has a very interesting menu, by that I mean it took a WHILE for us decide what to order. First of all, every dish had a super long name or description. For most dishes, particularly the mains, it was difficult to get a feel of how the dishes will look based on the menu. For example, the following dish was described as below:

Cracking Coca (vo) 14.45

- Heirloom tomato salad à la grecque with cucumber and kalamatamarbles loaded with lemon, fresh oregano, mint and flat leaf parsely.Served with a warm springy slab of potato bread crammed with thyme oil and soft onions, piled with peppery rocket pesto. Topped with grilled rich salty feta sprinkled with zesty garlic gremolata and our lush labne covered in mint oil, and sticky dark kalamata tapenade.

For the full menu, please visit: Terre a Terre menu

Confused right?? My suggestion is if you see some ingredients you like, just pick that one or ask the waiter to explain the dish. It was an impossible mission to determine what the dish will be!

We went with the tapas selection for our starter (minimum 2 ppl, @22.50)


This dish was quite pricy, but it was enough as a starter for 4 people, which would’ve reduced the cost. My favourite bites from the dish were:

Mai Fun Salad - It was the pile of vegetables in the middle of the dish with rockets on top. A mix of sprouts, carrots and cabbage created a fresh yet tasty dish. Salad with a Japanese twist.

Deep fried polenta cakes - top left corner with chilli sauce on top. Polenta was creamy and crunchy, similar taste to a croquette. Delicious little bites.

I was pretty full after this dish as it was really for a party of 4+ rather than 2. Next time, always notice when the menu says minimum of 2. Now I know why it mentioned ‘minimum’…..

Main 1: Crackling Coca - £14.45



See what happened? Nothing like what I imagined based on the menu description. It was basically a tomato salad with feta bread. The tomato salad was blend, not too much taste apart from raw tomatoes. Well, different kinds of raw tomatoes. All of the extra ingredients used to bring out the flavours of the dish clearly didn’t work as well as I thought it would. That combined with the feta bread was a strange mix. The focaccia bread with a layer of pesto and feta was a interesting match. Strong pesto matched with salty feta was quite tasty. Though I’d preferred it on its own rather than paired with tomato salad. On the positive side, it was beautifully plated with wonderful bright colours. The splash of red from tomatoes, white feta and green pesto looked fun and healthy!

Main 2: Hot Broth Bun - £14.45

Shiitake, sake and kombu raman broth finished with courgette noodles,
Chinese chives and soy. Served with egg roll, filled with silken smashed tofu, miso mayonnaise, red pepper, sango and bean sprout, and a steamed bun crammed with tempeh and shiitake scramble.


My mum didn’t enjoy this dish, especially the bun. It had too much sauce on the top as well as a weird taste from the filling of shiitake mushroom and tempeh. On the positive note again, wasn’t this dish just so pretty? A hand full of spring onions on the top left with chopsticks and a lime on the spoon, all together created a beautifully looking Japanese dish. Though not authentic in this case.

Our bill came to £58, which was quite pricy. 

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